These unique adapters are one of the best selling
items in our store!  Simply insert these adapters into
an empty wine (or other decorative bottle or vase)
thereby turning the bottle into a candleabra!
$12.95 each
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"Wine Time"
Bottle Clock
Cast from resin, this whimsical piece
measures 4" wide x 16" tall.  
Glass-shaped pendulum at the
bottom swings back and forth!
DIY Wine Cork Coaster Kit
Used corks lying about?  Turn them into
something useful with these nifty gadgets!  
Just twist 5 corks onto each and voila!!
Measure 3" across.  Set of 2  
(You supply the corks).
$14.95/set of 2
"Encircle" Wine Bottle
Cork Cage
A fun way to house and display your
collection of wine corks, this metal wine
bottle will look great in your kitchen,
dining room or bar area! Measures 4"
wide by 16" tall. Dark brown in color.
XL Wine Glass
Believe it or not, this glass, extra large
wine glass holds an entire bottle of
wine!!  Hard to believe when you see
it, but it's true ~ we've tried it!!  :)
$16.95 each
"Riddling" Wine Rack
A fun and practical way to house and
display your collection of wine bottles,
this A-frame rack will hold 36 bottles (18
in front and 18 in back)!  A pretty
reddish-brown in color, it is solid wood
and measures 16" long by 48" tall
(width can be adjusted).
Finished Example
"Uncork & Unwind"
Wooden Sign
Made to look like the top of a wine
barrel, this sign is a good reminder!!
Measures 16" in diameter
$12.95 each
Single Strand
Bottle Lights
Have you been saving a unique or special
empty bottle of wine but not quite sure what to
do with it?  Well check these out!  Simply
insert a string of these lights and, Voila!  You
have a one-of-a-kind keepsake and a unique

Each wire strand features 15 LED lights and
requires one AA battery.  There is an easy on
and off button on the top of the lights (which
acts as a bottle "stopper").  The best part: the
lights feature a 6 hour time so you don't have
to worry if you forget to turn them off!
Buy More and Save!
3 Strands for $30