This is a similar idea to our popular photo cables
shown above but instead of magnets, the "HangIt"
Photo Display system by Umbra uses miniature
old-fashioned clothes pins (as shown in the inset
photo below) to mount and display your photos. Kit
is exactly as shown in photo to the right. Everything
you need is included: two wooden wall mounts, 5
strings and 40 mini clothes pins - you simply supply
the photos!  Overall measurements are 26" x 30".
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Colorful Devotions
Magnetic Memo Board
Measures 16" by 22 1/2".  
Includes 3 Flower Magnets
Metal Memo Boards by Kelly
Rae Roberts
Each measures 14" wide by 18" tall and
includes 3 butterfly magnets
Designed to sit or hang.
Choose from 2 styles shown!   
$38 each
Magnetic Photo Cables
(The MOST popular item in our entire
Simply unfurl these 57" long metal cables and
attach your photos and cards using the 9
super-strong magnets (see photo at right)!  
Choose from the magnet themes shown!!  A
super-easy way to display photos and cards in a
small space - offices, apartments, dorm rooms,
nursing homes, etc!
$11.50 each
Plain Magnets
(9 included)
Button Magnets
(9 included)
Blue Gem
(9 included)
Purple Gem
(9 included)
Sorry... SOLD OUT
Sorry... SOLD OUT