One of the MOST popular items in our store continues to
be these beautiful hand felted soaps. They make a really
great and unique gift for the "person who has everything".

The wool surrounding each bar of soap acts as an
exfolliator, sloughing off dirt and dead skin cells.  The soap
suds come through the wool and as the soap is used, the
wool continues to shrink around the remaining soap.  
Think of it as a soap and washcloth in one!

Our selection of colors is ever-changing but we promise to
pick for you, the prettiest soap or soap(s).  
(If you don't trust us to pick, email us after ordering and
we can send you a pic of a few choices before mailing...).
Felted Soap
7775 HWY 42   P.O. BOX 221
PHONE 920.868.9963
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