30" Distressed Creamy White
Compass Rose
(Looks especially good on
dark-colored walls)
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You really can't make a
wrong choice deciding
amongst these classic
compass rose designs - it
generally comes down to
your wall color: the darker
designs look especially great
on a light-colored wall and
the cream looks fantastic on
a dark-colored wall!
30" Galvanized
Compass Rose
(Brown and Silver)
41" Distressed Red
Compass Rose
Still an undisputed favorite in our
store, this version measures a
whopping 41" in diameter.
(Due to it's large size, we are no longer
shipping it as, depending on location, it
can cost up to $120 to do so.  
However, we welcome you to
email us
to make arrangements to retrieve one
at the store!)
Compass Rose
More simple, this new design is
gunmetal gray in color and features
arrows along the outside.  It measures
36" in diameter.